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Do Not Forget Beginner, The Professional BMS Enterprises Have Bright Prospects

Jan 14, 2018

Battery factory hope that through the division of the calibration Center from the BMS development perspective of the battery to do in-depth testing, so as to achieve a high degree of battery and BMS matching; On the other hand, Godsend's large data center can dynamically monitor and predict the state of the battery, which is also beneficial to the battery echelon utilization. Therefore, whether it is for the industry to provide better battery management system products to consider or to deal with the future of a large number of retired batteries in the Echelon utilization problem, battery factory and the whole plant are willing to choose with the branch of such a technical protection of the professional BMS enterprise cooperation.

The industry is concerned about the whole vehicle or battery plant independent research and development BMS and professional BMS Enterprise competition. Godsend that the whole plant integrated industrial chain or battery enterprise integration downstream industry chain is a difficult to imagine. With the increasing scale of electric vehicles, enterprises should strengthen their core competitiveness. She believes that the focus of the whole plant will be to upgrade the vehicle technology level of electric vehicles and the introduction of new models, the core competitiveness of the battery factory is the improvement of the electric core performance, improve the scale of manufacturing level and new material technology research; the BMS is different from the whole car and battery professional field, need different professional team

The scale of electric vehicles to BMS from the product point of view put forward higher requirements, BMS will and the traditional automotive electronics, in addition to ensure the BMS core technology competitiveness, but also to ensure the reliability of scale quality, so professional BMS enterprise focus is particularly valuable. When the industry to focus on technical research and large-scale products, in fact, the professional BMS enterprises and even the entire industry will have a great encouragement and promote the role, in such a situation, the Division will play a more effective director, create more value.