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Detailed BMS Battery Management System

Feb 15, 2019

Why do you have a BMS?

Since it is called a battery management system, the main job of the BMS is to handle tasks related to the car battery. Although the current battery manufacturing process has caused the difference between the individual cells to be reduced, there is still a difference in internal resistance, capacity, voltage, etc. between the single-cell lithium batteries, so in practical applications, the individual cells inside the battery pack It is prone to uneven heat dissipation or excessive charging and discharging. Over time, these batteries in poor working conditions are likely to be damaged in advance, and the overall life of the battery pack is greatly shortened.

Not only that, there is a danger of explosion when the battery is in a severe over-charge state, which causes damage to the battery pack and poses a threat to the user's life safety. Therefore, it is necessary to equip the power battery pack on the electric vehicle with a targeted battery management system (BMS) to effectively monitor, protect, balance, and alarm the battery pack, thereby improving the overall power. Battery pack efficiency and service life.

What is the main role of BMS?

An electric car has hundreds of batteries. How is the BMS managed? If we have seen the battery pack profile, we will see that there are hundreds of batteries inside. How to manage these dense battery systems? The main work of the BMS system is divided into two major tasks - the detection of batteries and the safety of batteries.

Among them, the battery detection is relatively simple, mainly by collecting the parameter information of the battery during use, such as temperature, voltage and current of each battery cell, voltage and current of the battery pack, and the like. These data play a vital role in the management of the battery packs. It can be said that without the support of these battery status data, the system management of the battery cannot be discussed.

If we look at the battery inspection process as a "physical examination" of the battery, then this "physical examination" is online, continuous, and uninterrupted. When the data is found to be abnormal during the process, the battery status can be queried in time, and the problematic battery is selected to maintain the reliability and efficiency of the entire battery operation. When the "physical examination" of the battery is completed, it will enter the stage of analysis, diagnosis, and calculation, and then generate a "physical examination report", which can be understood as the state evaluation of the battery.

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