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Decode BMS Technology, Explore State Estimation, Improve Battery Utilization Efficiency

Apr 13, 2018

Which states of the power battery need to be accurately estimated?

SOC: how much electricity is left in the battery

SOP: is the maximum discharge and charged power that the battery can provide at the next moment such as the next 2 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds and continuous high current.

  SOH: refers to the health of the battery. It consists of two parts: the change of the capacity and power of Ahshour

SOE: How much energy is left in the battery

Why do you need to accurately estimate the battery status?

The higher the SOC estimation accuracy, the more cruising range for the same capacity battery

Accurate estimation of SOP can maximize battery utilization efficiency

It is meaningless if the accuracy of SOH is less than 20%. It is generally believed that when the capacity decays by 20% or the output power decays by 25%, the battery life is reached.

How to estimate the battery status?

Through the test to obtain the relationship between SOC and temperature, open circuit voltage

Obtain battery life curve through testing

Obtain battery power MAP through test

Obtain an Adherence Impedance Attenuation Curve by Testing Estimating Battery Status via Closed Loop Iteration and Battery Models