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Creating High-end BMS Products To Resolve User Anxiety

Jan 14, 2018

Godsend to reporters that the SOC estimates are not easy to cause user mileage anxiety, the consistency of the battery caused by the rapid decline in capacity, continued driving mileage quickly shortened, because the development process is incomplete, not fully lead to many vehicles in the use of frequent failures, such as performance and security problems is a systemic problem, We should not only consider the individual products themselves or individual development links, from the whole, to study the system of solutions. As a supplier of battery management system in the middle of upstream battery factory and downstream whole depot, we can understand the battery characteristics and the requirements of new energy vehicle for battery system, so the company accelerates technical research and innovation study, and solves the above problems by calibrating technology of battery and battery management system.

Godsend For example, the SOC is an important parameter of the battery, used to indicate the residual battery power, if the SOC estimate accuracy is not accurate, easy to cause user mileage panic, so how to ensure that the accuracy of the SOC has always been an important indicator of BMS. There are many kinds of SOC algorithm, most products use integration algorithm, but the optimization algorithm itself can not solve the problem of estimating accuracy, but should fully consider the operating environment of the battery, sampling accuracy, battery temperature, charge and discharge ratio and with the increase in battery use time, SOH on the impact of the SOC, Therefore, we need to do a lot of in-depth testing of different battery products, and use these data to calibrate BMS and battery system to ensure the accuracy of estimation.

Godsend to reporters that, in addition to the introduction of ISO26262 standards, the Department of Calibration Center BMS and Power battery system calibration platform also reached the leading domestic and international advanced level. According to the optimized calibration method and system, the test of battery pack is realized. The hardware of BMS is calibrated in the Loop automation test, and the BMS and battery pack are integrated into the whole vehicle environment, so that the BMS is matched with batteries, battery system and whole vehicle to meet the requirements of electric vehicle's dynamic performance, reliability and safety. Overall, the division of Calibration centers in the development of production process to find and solve the current problems of electric vehicles, to provide customers with high quality high-performance products; On the other hand, improve the development efficiency, rapid response to customer demand.