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Correct Use Of Lithium Battery

May 30, 2020

Lithium battery is an energy storage conversion device that is more and more widely used, because its excellent electrochemical performance realizes a small-medium-large-scale market application scenario that advances with the times. When we talk about the lithium battery When used correctly, it usually refers to small applications, namely consumer electronics, such as smartphones and laptops. Because large- and medium-sized applications are based on small-scale application technologies, small-scale applications have common characteristics, while large- and medium-sized applications are much more complicated. Generally, medium-sized applications are on new energy vehicles. We generally call them power batteries; Above the base station, we generally call it the energy storage battery. Therefore, when we talk about the "method of using lithium batteries", it is in line with people's common understanding to limit lithium batteries to small-scale applications.

The working principle of lithium batteries is nothing more than charging to reserve energy, and discharging to other energy and release. When it is neither charged nor discharged, it is in an idle state. Therefore, the correct use of lithium batteries has three major aspects: correct charging, correct discharge, and correct maintenance.

Lithium battery correct charging method

Take time to prevent overcharging. Do the right thing at the right time. Although the lithium battery itself has excellent electrochemical performance, however, any kind of thing will have potential safety hazards when it deviates from the equilibrium state. In detail,

1. Charge when charging. In the early days of the emergence of smart phones, for the original intention of protecting their own interests, each mobile phone manufacturer often emphasized the use of original chargers (including charging cables) to charge electrical equipment. Some manufacturers design special data cables and do not support other Charger (including charging cable). Later, as smartphones and laptops became more and more widely used, it would obviously be self-confident, so now everyone has basically unified the standard. A charger / line can charge electrical appliances of different brands and properties. Charging is convenient, and one problem that users should pay attention to is to keep the battery with normal use of power as much as possible. Under normal circumstances, when the power is too low, both mobile phones and laptops will have reminders. At this time, you need to recharge the battery in time. Although the power is too low, it will not cause a direct safety accident. .

2. Just fill it up. The interior of the lithium battery cell is also composed of many components. The new battery is okay. If it takes a long time, maybe the function of which component will decline, so there will be an overcharge safety risk. The typical accidents of Samsung and Apple that were exposed were several times because the owner of the appliance put the mobile phone on the bed to charge while sleeping, which eventually caused a fire and explosion.

3. Avoid dual-use. I have experienced that it is very easy to feel the heat of the mobile phone while charging, especially when playing games. The reason is also very simple. The mobile phone is equal to two jobs at the same time, which makes it necessary to pay extra labor, the body will naturally heat Too.

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