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Corporate Culture Seminar Held Successfully

Aug 23, 2016

At the afternoon of August 23, 2016, Zhejiang Godsend Power Technology Co., Ltd. held the corporate culture seminar. General manager of Sun Jianping personally elaborated on the core concept of corporate culture for the nearly 150 new employees from different departments.


Mr. Sun cited Zhuzi parental instruction to begin the seminar, talked from the family culture to the corporate culture, introduced the company's corporate culture development process. A series of environmental issues, such as greenhouse effect, haze, melting glaciers, resulted from the industrial revolution to the oil monopoly, certify that we are doing a meaningful job. So, "do a meaningful job " has become the most important Godsend corporate philosophy not only for mankind, for the Earth, but also for future generations. Then Mr. Sun stated enterprise product objectives: beyond excellence, seek unique. The principle is that to make it better through my hands. Through Philips refrigerator design case, Mr. Sun told that if we want to walk in the industry forefront, we must be ahead of peers, go to the market and know the market expectations. When talking about Godsend spirit "dear to think, strive to work", Mr. Sun said that think is the first step, then is to do, and we should constantly modify ourselves in this process. Besides, he also put forward the requirements of managers: do something they can’t, do something they are unwilling, say something we should, not say something we shouldn’t. At last, Mr. Sun outstandingly expressed the enterprise feelings: people-oriented, feel like home. He hoped to create a enjoyable family and called for every employee should strive to realize their value. Mr. Sun cited the classic, explained profound theories in simple language, making the new understand the essence of corporate culture shortly, strengthening the values and team sense.


The seminar achieved the expected results. Through this activity, the new employees realized the connotation of the enterprise culture more deeply, strengthened the sense of self-management and responsibility. It promoted the coexistence of employees and enterprises, formed a harmonious atmosphere. 

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