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BMS Solution For Intelligent Battery Management System

Apr 07, 2018

Based on the current problems of low-speed electric vehicles, we proposed the concept of a smart battery management system based on low-speed electric vehicles. The definition of smart battery management system is as follows: The smart battery management system is based on traditional battery detection technology and accurately estimates the battery's Mileage, battery system fault diagnosis, and combined with Internet communication technology, cloud management technology, big data analysis technology and other advanced technologies to achieve the entire life cycle of the battery management, users can use mobile phones and other intelligent terminals to accurately grasp the status of the battery anytime, anywhere Information, battery manufacturers, or the back office of the automaker can also grasp all the battery operating data and status information in real time, and establish an information exchange platform between users, battery factories, and vehicle manufacturers, significantly reducing the failure rate of batteries and entire vehicles. A smart battery management integrated system that significantly extends battery life.