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Bavaria Offers Subsidy For ESS With A Capacity Of More Than 3kWh

Aug 12, 2019

The state of Bavaria offers a subsidy of 500 euros ($550) for energy storage systems of more than 3 kWh, and 100 euros ($110) for every 1 kWh increase, up to a maximum of 3,200 euros ($3,530). It is also stipulated that the energy storage system must be deployed in conjunction with solar power generation facilities. The state government's goal is to delay the need for grid upgrades as the state plans to install a large number of electric vehicle charging facilities. According to research by research firm YouGov Deutschland, one in four respondents expressed the desire to install an electric vehicle charging facility, and one in two respondents expressed a desire to install a residential solar power facility.


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Jörg Ebel, spokesperson for the Bavarian branch of the German Solar Energy Industry Association (BSW), said: "We welcome the plan to deploy a solar + energy storage project in Bavaria because it is an important part of the German energy transformation. Research shows that this can reduce expensive Grid expansion. The deployment of residential solar systems, battery energy storage systems, and solar charging stations for charging home electric vehicles is an ideal energy mix to protect global climate change. JörgEbel said Bavaria will be the spirit of the European solar industry Homeland is both an early commercial incubator and a deployment center. The state's annual Intersolar Europ conference in Munich, the state's capital, also deployed a dedicated fixed energy storage system.

Energy storage company Sonnen said at the end of 2018 that residential solar + energy storage projects are ready to compete with German fossil fuel power plants and nuclear power plants.