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Battery Management System Based On Battery Life Cycle Application

Apr 11, 2018

From the standardization of battery module design to the secondary use of power batteries, the necessity and importance of the distributed design of the battery management system BMS, the actual battery decommissioning of the electric vehicle still has a high energy efficiency, and the reason is that the PACK energy The drastic drop in the number of vehicles that cannot meet the cruising range requirements is, in the vast majority of cases, due to the severe degradation of a few batteries. Therefore, it is not necessary to disassemble all the batteries. This greatly reduces the labor costs for dismantling and regrouping, and makes the economics of ladder utilization possible.

Starting from the BMS technology, ladder utilization is achieved through the following three technological breakthroughs:

▲ Through the module-level battery management module, the diagnosis of the battery performance is completed, so that the dismantling of the PACK of the electric vehicle battery is only to the battery module without having to disassemble the battery cells. Only disassembly to the cell is considered for module failure due to some single cells.

 ▲ Use the active equalization technology for the cells in the module to ensure the module's effective battery power.

 ▲ Since the battery management system is integrated into the module, it not only solves the accurate diagnosis of battery performance, but also eliminates the cost of using the BMS to form a group again.

▲ Before the power battery is used for the second time, it can make full use of the historical data of BMS, such as SOC, SOH, charge and discharge times and other important data to ensure quick and simple secondary sorting.