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Balanced Design Power Battery

Feb 17, 2018

In the design of electric vehicles, we should have the concept of balance. To fully understand the needs of users, designed products not to pass the standard test, but to cater to consumers. The safety of the center, life, energy density, power density, reliability needs to be weighed. After weighing, for example, energy density and power density, in the design of contradictions, and energy density to a certain extent, will also affect the security. The energy density is too high to a certain extent also not good control, so the pursuit of energy density, the security problem will become more and more prominent.

Battery design to balance, indicators can not see the core, but also to see the system. To give an example of the balance of energy and power: the battery space is limited, the weight is limited, all know that the larger the capacitance, to pursue the winding area of the larger the better, and more than two laps the best, which is the pursuit of energy density. So in doing this, the energy-type battery doesn't require a great current, electronic conductive polar piece to do a little thin, so that the electrode material coated a bit thicker, but the power of the battery required to make the pole piece thick, but the coating to thin, ion channels to short, through the isolation membrane, electrolyte to the opposite to go faster. High energy requirements for a large number of lithium batteries, high power requirements for lithium ion to run fast. Power and energy density at the same time to achieve the world's first, can not be done.

Currently, electric buses insist on lithium iron phosphate, because the ternary battery does not solve the problem of heat control. And passenger cars are using ternary, in order to give priority to ensure energy density (but the system heat control also need to meet the escape time). Therefore, the different application needs, can make the choice of different factor priority. On the common demand, the current user research, basically, the cost and energy density in the pure electric inside or put in the first place.