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All Pure Electric Vehicles Use Lithium Batteries

Feb 21, 2020

Why is lithium battery widely used in pure electric vehicles? 

What are the advantages of lithium battery?

 The difference between new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles is that new energy vehicles have the use of electric energy, and the source of electric energy depends on the battery. 

There are two kinds of batteries for new energy vehicles on the market, one is lead-acid battery, the other is lithium battery. These two kinds of batteries are mostly lithium batteries. Why not lead-acid batteries?

 Energy density of battery: In terms of energy density, the energy density of lead-acid battery is about 50-70wh / g, while that of lithium battery is about 200-260wh / g. that is to say, the discharge efficiency and endurance of the two batteries are not as high as that of lithium battery under the same weight. 

Besides, in the new energy market, endurance has always been a just need. If we continue to use lead-acid batteries, then new energy vehicles will not have development. 

Battery life: Nowadays, the most popular lithium batteries are iron lithium batteries and ternary lithium batteries. For the iron lithium battery, its cycle times can reach 2000 times, and the ternary lithium battery is slightly inferior to the iron lithium battery, but its cycle times can reach more than 1000 times, but the lead-acid battery cycle times are not over 1000 times, only 300-350 times.  

In this way, the service life of lithium battery is about 3-6 times that of lead-acid battery. All the owners who know about new energy vehicles know that the cost of batteries can be replaced by a new electric vehicle. If all the new energy vehicles use lead-acid batteries, they need to be replaced once in less than two or three years on average. Who can stand this? 

Battery safety: The safety of new energy vehicles is also the concern of many owners, because in recent years, the spontaneous combustion events of new energy vehicles burst out one after another, which makes people panic. There are many reasons for the spontaneous combustion of new energy vehicles, including frequent battery charging and discharging. 

The reason why the lead-acid battery is not used gradually is that if it is charged for a long time, it will produce a lot of hydrogen and oxygen. 

If these gases are not discharged in time, they will explode when encountering open fire. The lithium battery is safer in this respect. 

To sum up, lead-acid battery is not used because it is not suitable for the development at this stage. Its performance is not as good as lithium battery in all aspects. 

The only advantage is that it is cheaper and more durable. 

But new energy vehicles need batteries with development potential, so lithium batteries can gradually replace lead-acid batteries.