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Why we are competitive in ESS?

May 01, 2019

         Godsend Power LFP can be widely used in Energy Storage(ESS),which consists of wind solar hybrid energy storage, UPS, backup power supply and household energy storage(similar to Tesla,LG...), etc.     

               Why godsend is so competitive? This must be attributed to the advantages of our LFP compared with others.

           In the cooperation with Zhejiang University and Zhejiang University of Technology, we are dedicated to researching and developing LFP for over 9 years. And our LFP batteries have the advantages of:

1. High energy density       2. Deep life cycle    3.High discharge rate     4. Envionmentally-friendly    5. Excellent performance       6 Safety Guaranteed    7. Various patents authorized    8. Certificates( KBIA, JET, UL...)

           Besides, We almost can meet every requirements and offer clients customized solutions. Client-oriented: We place clients' requiremts on the first place, and we will be responsive as soon as possible. And over the past years, our excellent services are preferred by thousands of clients.


                                                                      Application in ESS

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