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A Summary Of The Treatment Mode Of Lithium Battery

Feb 09, 2018

1, the new battery: no treatment, such as activation, can be directly put into normal use.

2, idle long time battery (three months): without any treatment (such as activation, etc.), it can be directly put into normal use.

3, idle batteries for longer time (more than three months) can be activated to make the battery activity the highest or not, so that it will naturally return to its maximum activity with normal use.

4, in order to ensure the correct statistics of battery life time, it is necessary for the evaluation personnel of electronic products to be activated before the test.

The normal charging method of lithium battery:

Charge at any time, and stop charging at any time. Do not have any scruples. This is an important advantage of lithium battery, no memory effect decision, please look at the advantages and let you try to show the lithium battery, it has important advantages.

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