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2017 China Power Cell Production 44.5GWh Output Value Of 72.5 Billion Yuan

Mar 03, 2018

Research data from the Institute of Lithium Electric Research (GGII) shows that 2017 China's power battery output of 44.5GWh, an increase of 44%.

2017 China's power battery output value of 72.5 billion yuan, an increase of 12%. Power Battery output growth rate is far below the output growth rate, mainly because of 2017 years of policy adjustment, subsidies, the strength of a sharp decline, the host plant will be part of the cost of pressure transfer to the power battery enterprises, so that the price of power batteries fell sharply.

Ggii data show that at the end of 2017 the price of power batteries than the beginning of 2017 decline 20%~25%. Lithium iron Phosphate battery pack prices from the beginning of the 1.8~1.9 yuan/wh down to the end of the 1.45~1.55 Yuan/wh. Ternary Power battery pack price from the beginning of the 1.7~1.8 yuan/wh down to the end of the 1.4~1.5 Yuan/wh.

Prices have fallen sharply, the comprehensive competitiveness of power battery enterprises to increase demand. In the face of price declines, the measures taken by power batteries are:

► Increase production line productivity, improve product pass-through rate, reduce unit cost;

► Use lower cost raw materials. As the third quarter of 2017 began, the domestic top-ranked power battery enterprises to increase the amount of dry separation diaphragm, the main reason is Tanra diaphragm price than wet diaphragm low 0.8~1 yuan/square meters.

► Increase the energy density of power cells by using high capacity raw materials, optimizing the core and module structure, and adopting lightweight housing.

Ggii data show that 2017 China's new power lithium battery installed capacity of 36.4GWh, less than 44.5GWh 8.1GWh of output.

The main reason is that China's power battery terminal market richer, more links, and model innovation, which led to a larger output than the new car installed capacity, in particular, the 2017 China Power Battery shipments Flow:

► Used in the new production of the whole car, mainly for new energy passenger cars, buses, special vehicles and other motor vehicles;

► Used in Low-speed electric vehicles, golf carts, etc. not included in the Ministry of Public certification management of the entire vehicle;

► Used to replace poor quality batteries for 2016 and before. Power Battery enterprises and the whole vehicle enterprises to enter into contracts with 5 years or 200,000 kilometers of quality assurance requirements, in the warranty period problems, battery factory repair or replacement. 2016 and before the overall level of domestic power battery products weak, the battery in the attenuation, cycle life and other aspects of the failure rate is high, in 2017 more than a few power battery enterprises to replace batteries, returns and so on, including the top ten battery enterprises;

► Used for power-changing mode, mobile tram, etc., such as Zhongtai, southeast car, North Steam, Lifan, such as power-changing mode;

► Battery Factory Shipments of power batteries in circulation, that is, the power battery from the battery manufacturer to the vehicle to get the certificate needs a certain circulation time, generally 0.5-2 months;

► High Inventory. 2017 years ago three quarter inventory close to 30%, after the fourth quarter to inventory, there are still about 5% of the inventory, the stock of lithium iron phosphate batteries, and mainly concentrated in the three or four-line small enterprises.