74V High Output Power Lithium Battery For E-Motorcycles

Battery Pack 74V 93Ah (3P20S) composit of high output power NCM batteries of 31Ah for High-speed electric motorcycle. The motorcycle speed is over 120km/hour, cost effectively.

Product Details

Gushen’s 3.7V 31Ah NMC battery is the next generation of GSNCM46160M-25 with greater energy density. It offers an excellent combination of price-performance for electric truck, bus, car, golf cart and other electric vehicles.



  Lighter weight and high capacity

  Metallic case

  Increased safety and life performance

  Outstanding low temperature adaptability that outperforms LFP battery on industry standard tests

  Proven safety performance with the proprietary explosion-proof valves

  Can be charged under -20℃ with our BMS

Contact: sales04@gushen-energy.com

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