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Zhejiang Godsend Power Technology Co.,Ltd

In order to achieve the sustainable development of human, nature and enterprises, Godsend Power uphold the unity of philosophy, determines to become a pioneer of new energy technology and  continuously provides efficient, clean energy for mankind.

Our Core Values:




Break free from habitual thinking, embrace innovative thinking , broaden your mind, maintain sharp discernment, and be able to quickly find the directions and solutions in a confused and difficult situation.



Be passionate, dare to take the lead, be brave enough to take responsibilities, and dare to try new ideas and new methods never tried by others or yourself, so as to be the first to achieve breakthroughs.



Trust your partner, reply on your team, be frank to communicate with others, be willing to collaborate and share, and work together with others as a team to realize your goal through seamless connection and tacit cooperation.



Never be content with the status quo, keep the group’s vision in mind all the time, set new goals and new benchmarks on an ongoing basis, value and jump at the opportunities, be self-motivated, and push the envelope to do things that you might otherwise think you can do and overtake the competitors.       


Our Business philosophy: Do a meaningful job


Enterprise spirit: Dare to think, strive to work


Product Philosophy: Beyond excellence, seek unique


Business sentiment: People-oriented, feel at home


Service Attitude: Sincere, Professional, Active


Growth orientation: long-term, stable, developing, scientific and international