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     Godsend Power is a young, ambitious and responsible team. “Dare to think and strive  to work”  is the corporate spirit of each member of us. Everything can be thought and doubt, break the routine, but still need to do solid work because everything comes from practice. On the road of exploration of development of lithium ion new energy, Godsend Power will unswervingly take " we are doing a meaningful thing, is to contribute to the sustainable development of mankind! "Corporate philosophy as our own mission no matter past, present or future. Lithium-ion batteries we develop and produce are safe and pollution-free, renewable and can be widely used in fields such as wind power, solar energy, new energy vehicles and etc. Development of new energy is decided by the country’s basic condition, is imperative in today's protection of the global environment.

     Every member of Godsend Power shall share a common faith and truly integrated into our team. “Attitude determines the success or failure”, we shall keep the faith and target firm, dare to think and strive to work, try to make impossible possible so that we can stand side by side to create miracles.

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