Electric SUV Battery

Electric SUV Battery system is comprised of 31Ah cells arranged in a 6P90S configuration

Product Details

This battery system is comprised of 31Ah cells arranged in a 6P90S configuration. It integrates liquid cooling/heating system into the pack for better battery temperature control. Also it can be customized to meet different applications in commercial truck, bus and heavy duty transportation vehicle.


Vehicle typeElectric SUV
Battery systemSystem modelGSBSWMAJAXCC61.9-333
Pack configuration6P90S
Rated voltage333V
Rated capacity186Ah
Voltage range270~387V
Rated energy61.9KWh
Rated charge current(SOC80%)186A
Max charge current(15S)250A
Rated discharge current200A
Max. discharge current(15S)480A
Operating temperatureCharge:-20~+55 ;Discharge:-25~+60
Communication interfaceVehicle CAN Communication, Charge CAN Communication, RS-232
Power supply12V( 918V)
BMSContains BMU, LECU and HMU
IP degreeIP67
Cycle life≥1500
High voltage control


Temperature management systemLiquid


  1. High energy & power density

  2. Highly robust connection due to electrode terminal design using laser welding. This helps prevent loose connections caused by vibration.

  3. Longer cycle life by both active and passive balancing

  4. Flexible architecture design for varying pack configurations.

  5. Unique temperature control with liquid cooling and heating



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