Lithium Ion Automotive Battery

Automotive Battery pack with cylindrical cells

Product Details

This system is used for a new energy car model with 190pcs cylindrical cells. The battery pack performance is optimized by using Gushen’s battery management system (BMS), which provides better control, balance and management of the cells.


Vehicle typeElectric passenger car
Battery systemSystem modelGSBSA00EVAA21.8-140.6
Pack configuration5P38S
Rated voltage140.6V
Rated capacity155Ah
Voltage range114~159.6V
Rated energy21.79KWh
Rated charge current23A
Rated discharge current155A
Max discharge current(10S)310A
Operating temperatureCharge:-20~+45℃ Discharge:-20~+60℃
Communication interfaceVehicle CAN Communication, Charge CAN Communication, RS-232
Power supply12V( 918V)
BMSContains BMU, LECU and HMU
IP degreeIP67
High voltage control



  1. Safer chemistry minimizes risks of explosion and fire when batteries are shorted or punctured resulting in internal short circuit.

  2. High discharging C-rate.

  3. Compact and light design.

  4. Maximum durability under extreme conditions.

  5. Better-performance under low temperature.

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